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Hello everyone, and welcome to my website! My name is Michelle Wellman, and I am currently working as a lab assistant in a neutrino detector lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I also just graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a bachelor's degree in physics and astronomy in May 2019. My big goal is to get into a graduate program in order to pursue a PhD in physics. With a PhD I hope to become a physics professor so that I can continue to conduct research as well as educate the next generation of physicists. Outside of physics, one thing I like to do in my spare time is play ultimate frisbee. While I was in college, I played on Mount Holyoke's women's club team all four years, and even served as a captain during my last three semesters. Some of my other hobbies include art, cooking, playing with my dog, and watching football.

The next year or two are going to be "gap years" for me, where I will be working full time, exploring my interests, learning as much as I can, and working to strengthen my applications for grad school. I will be continuing to work in the neutrino detector lab at UMass at least until May 2020, and I will definitely be moving on in August 2020. The next steps after this are currently unknown, however I am very interested in continuing to do research in physics.

About This Website

This is my personal website, and there are five major components to it: my blog, details on my research experiences, a projects page showing some of my best work, a page where I share some of my notes on math, physics and coding, and a page with some cooking tutorials.

I hope you all enjoy it!



Friends and Fun Stuff

This is a photo of the Ultimate Frisbee team at Mount Holyoke College right after winning the Garden State 9 tournament. The tournament took place in Vineland NJ during out Spring 2019 season.

This is the cap that I wore at my graduation from Mount Holyoke College. The top has all of the planets of the solar system, and the bottom has a bunch of fake daisies glued to it to represent the name of my Ultimate Frisbee team, Daisy Chain

This is me standing in front of the poster that I presented at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Conference. The conference took place in Atlanta, GA in November 2018.